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Life, evolution and the topics of science and religion from a unique, friendly, adventurous and non-religious perspective

LIFandE: Explore Life on Lifandé

LIFandE: Explore Microbes on Lifandé

LIFandE: Explore Fungi on Lifandé

LIFandE: Explore Rainbow Frogs on Lifandé

Written, Illustrated and self-published by Gareth Rosser (email link)
A Humanist on Lifandé
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Humanist perspective
Edna is our lead character and guide on Lifandé

Watch and listen to the whole of the first book narrated by Heledd Bianchi.
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Gareth Rosser
Working to write, illustrate and self-publish this series of books and online activities with all my personal enthusiasm about the meanings and adventure of life through science over and above religion.

I'm using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing scheme which means that the printing, the purchasing and delivery of my books are all handled by Amazon through any of their stores worldwide. Simply search for 'LIFandE' on any Amazon store.

Paperbacks are £4.25 printed and shipped by Amazon, with the Kindle version either £1.99 or FREE with the purchase of the paperback via Kindle Matchbook.

How to be Reasonable book cover
"I had a look at your site and love your work, it's really engaging and I imagine really inspires children to think about the world from a scientific perspective (without boring them, as many kid-science books do). My comics are aimed at adults (or maybe teenagers) I basically wrote How to be Reasonable with my early twenties self in mind, obviously because it's a comic a lot of people assume it's for kids and ask me awkward questions like 'how should we teach children critical thinking?' to which my honest answer is 'I dunno'."

Rebecca Fox
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